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John is a writer and performer on Impractical Jokers (you may recognize him as the supermarket manager), and Chris is a contributing artist responsible for such memorable pieces as "Suck-Off the Chimp" and "Murder Your Family" (you may also recognize him as the guy who peed on Sal).

Long before Impractical Jokers even existed, these two best friends were performing together in bars and basements all over Staten Island. Now they get together once a week to crack each other up over a few drinks while recording the Super Live Adventure Podcast, a ridiculous, uncensored, NSFW collection of stories, improvised craziness, and bizarre listener phone calls from the greatest podcast community in the universe!

Want to get in on the action? Leave us a voicemail at 781-POD-SLAP!

Jan 26, 2023

Take it easy, bird legs. You're gonna wake the penguins.

It's 1AM. It's been a long week. John only slept two hours after the Impractical Jokers wrap party and somebody took over Chris' HBO Max account. We've got the wrong ketchup, we're tired from buttling, we probably have worms, and juggling is fake. DM us if you...

Jan 17, 2023

Laura returns to talk about the number thirteen, baloney, the price of eggs, mumus, getting sick on Christmas, and officiating an impromptu wedding at a Staten Island dive bar.

We also listen to voicemails from Human Gail, Fart Guy, the Bride of Fartenstein, Muffin in Heaven, and Handy Squirrel.

Remember, Schmutler Day...

Jan 11, 2023

Should we get matching tattoos? How long does it take for a dead cat to turn into a skeleton? How do you feel about Giuliani? Did you hear Nanny Time is back to how it's supposed to be? If you had to... you know...with a Fraggle, which Fraggle would it be? Did you hear John met Alf? Did you also know John grew...

Jan 3, 2023

Celebrate the New Year with us as we kick off Season 4 with a live show recorded at Manny and Friends, a monthly comedy show at Flagship Brewery on Staten Island! New to Super Live Adventure? Welcome! This is the perfect jumping on point for new listeners.

HUGE thanks to Jay Miller and Brian Bergdoll for helping us out...

Dec 27, 2022

Christmas may be over, but the Super Live Adventure Christmas in December Podcast Event continues! This week we're going back to 2019's "Close the Beaches," featuring Matt Wilson, Laura, and Vert!

Super Live Adventure will be back with an all new season starting next week, so be sure to follow us wherever you listen...